AMH test in Bangalore

What is AMH test?– AMH test in Bangalore

Many patients with infertility are advised AMH test in Bangalore. The Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is a hormone produced by cells in the ovaries. The AMH test measures the level of AMH in the blood. The levels of AMH decrease with age.

Why do doctors suggest an AMH test?

Doctors use the AMH test to assess ovarian reserve, which is a measure of the number of eggs that a woman has remaining in her ovaries. This is important to predict the number of eggs that may give embryos during a procedure like IVF.

Doctors frequently utilize the AMH test to assess ovarian reserve, which measures the number of eggs remaining in a woman’s ovaries. This assessment is important for predicting the number of eggs that can potentially yield embryos during procedures like IVF.

Moreover, doctors often rely on the AMH test to predict a woman’s fertility and determine the most appropriate fertility treatment. They can also use it to monitor the effectiveness of fertility treatment or assess the risk of early menopause.

Many doctors use the AMH test in Bangalore to counsel patients on the impact of delaying pregnancy.

A fertility specialist can use an AMH value to decide on the correct protocol for assisted reproductive techniques. A fertility specialist can use AMH as a guide to counsel those patients who may need a donor IVF program.

Similarly a high AMH value guides a fertility specialist to use a lower dose of medicines to prevent hyperstimulation.

How does a laboratory do an AMH test?

Healthcare professionals measure AMH levels in the blood. Laboratories that perform AMH test in Bangalore collect your blood and separate out serum to perform the test. You can provide samples for AMH at any time of the day or cycle.

AMH test in Bangalore- Where to get the test done?

There are many laboratories in Bangalore offering the AMH test. It is important to select a laboratory that does the test within 4-6 hours of collection. Storage of blood samples for AMH for longer duration can result to reduced values and inaccurate diagnosis. Doctors advise the test to be done at an accredited laboratory.

Normal Values for AMH test

Doctors consider values between 1.0 ng/mL and 3.5 ng/mL as normal. The value of AMH declines with age. A value above 1 ng/mL indicates adequate ovarian reserve. Values below 1 ng/mL are indicative of a poor ovarian reserve. However a poor ovarian reserve does not mean that a woman cannot become pregnant.

AMH test in Bangalore- Abnormal Values for AMH test

A high level of AMH may indicate a larger number of eggs and a higher ovarian reserve. Values >3.5ng/mL are indicative of PCOS.

A low level of AMH may indicate a smaller number of eggs and a lower ovarian reserve. Values <1 ng/mL are indicative of patients with a poor ovarian reserve.

Does a low AMH mean that I cannot get pregnant?

A low value of AMH test is indicative of a lower egg pool. A diagnosis of poor ovarian reserve does not mean that a pregnancy is not possible. A poor ovarian reserve is indicative that procedures like conventional IVF may yield <=3 eggs per cycle. AMH is not a measure of quality of eggs but just the reserve.

Most women with poor ovarian reserve tend to have normal periods. However they are nearer to menopause in terms of time as compared to their counterparts with a normal reserve.

Role of AMH test in Males

According to specialists, males typically have high values in the AMH test. Sertoli cells in the testis secrete AMH. Low AMH values in males can indicate underlying medical conditions.

However the AMH test in Bangalore is rarely performed in males.

Can AMH test be Wrong?

Healthcare professionals suggest that the handling and storage of samples significantly impact the sensitivity of the AMH test. Improper handling or storage of samples can lead to falsely low values. Additionally, the testing platform used for the AMH test affects the obtained results. This implies that different laboratories may provide different results if they use different testing platforms. Therefore, it is essential to conduct repeat measurements in the same laboratory.

Cost of AMH test in Bangalore

The cost of AMH tests range from Rs. 1000 to 3500 per test. Tests within large hospitals are more expensive than diagnostic laboratories. Its important to get the test done in a reliable laboratory.

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