Causes for infertility

Causes for Infertility in Males and Females

A variety of factors can contribute to infertility in both male and female partners. Male factors are experienced by nearly 30% of couples facing infertility, while female factors predominate in 30% of patients. Another 30% of couples encounter the challenge of both male and female factors. The remaining 10% of cases result in a diagnosis of unexplained infertility for the couples.

How common is male factor infertility in India?

In the face of infertility, a male factor plays a significant role in nearly 60-65% of couples. In about half of these couples, the male factor exclusively causes the infertility, while in the other half, it often coexists with other female factors. This underscores the importance of evaluating and treating both male and female factors when addressing infertility.

What are the common reason for infertility in females in India?

The common reasons for infertility in females in India include ovulatory disorders and poor ovarian reserve. Together the two factors are responsible for over 45% of infertility issues observed in Indian women. Factors such as tubal factor and uterine factor are rarer. Genetic factors resulting to infertility are even rarer.

What are the 8 common causes of infertility in Indian Couples?

The 8 common causes of infertility in Indian couples would include the conditions listed below.

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