Fertility Treatment for Older Couples

Fertility Treatment for Older Couples

Fertility Treatment for older couples (couples above the age of 35) depend on the underlying cause for infertility. Treatments can range from simple treatments like ovulation- induction timed intercourse to more advanced treatments like IVF-ICSI. In this article we attempt to understand the treatment options available to older couples.

What are the common causes for Infertility in older couples?

Common causes of infertility in older women include poor ovarian reserve. Similarly it is common to see male factor infertility in couples over the age of 35.

Why is there a higher risk of Infertility in older couples?

This is required as there is a decrease in fertility with age in both partners. In women, age results to a decrease in the quality and quantity of eggs produced. In men, age may cause a decrease in sperm count, motility, morphology and quality.

When should a couple above the age of 35 see a fertility doctor?

A couple who is above 35 should see a fertility specialist if they are unsuccessful in conceiving after trying for 6 months. Women above 40 must see an infertility specialist sooner.

A specialist would perform a through evaluation to identify the reason for infertility. A specialist can decide on the right treatment based on the results.

What are the options for Fertility Treatment for Older Couples

Doctors use higher levels of interventions for the treatment of infertility in couples who are above the age of 35. Options for fertility treatment in individuals above the age of 35 include:

Selection of the right technique for the right patient is important for success

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